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The capital of the Republic of Northern Macedonia - the City of Skopje is a very important industrial, cultural and administrative center. Having in mind the attractive location in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula, the City of Skopje continuously throughout history is an important crossroads in the Balkans. Additionally, the abundance of natural beauties and cultural and historical sights make the City of Skopje a more attractive tourist destination for visitors from all over the world.


The strategic planning process is a dynamic process that should determine the priorities and goals that will be realized through certain programs, defined projects and specific activities, within a certain budget. Target Communications has developed this strategic plan in order to project the future of the city with strategic planning in a way that will enable the realization of the vision for the city in the next two years. The environment in which we live and the wider environment are constantly changing and therefore strategic planning is a continuous process through which the City of Skopje determines the current priorities to which maximum attention should be paid, in order to adapt to modern lifestyles through quality service to its citizens.

The process included revision of the existing strategic documents of the City of Skopje and its departments, as well as relevant documents from relevant institutions and ministries. In order to actively involve all departments of the City in the strategic planning process, the team of "Target Communications" prepared a two-day workshop and a questionnaire through which all department heads and / or their deputies were directly communicated through individual interviews. At the workshop, together with all those present, a SWOT analysis was made and identification of mega projects for the future was made, an analysis of the necessary financial resources for each identified project was made and possible sources of financing were pointed out.


The consulting team of "Target Communications" processed all the collected material and translated it into a draft version of the "Strategic Plan of the City of Skopje for 2020-2022", which was then submitted to the City of Skopje for their comments, suggestions and remarks. All of them were incorporated in the document, in order for the employees of the City of Skopje together with the key stakeholders to be active actors and creators of their future in the city in which they live.