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Labor Market Study

A labor market is by definition an interaction between the workforce and employers in an economy. It works with the supply and demand of labor. The labor force in a country represents the total number of employees plus the unemployed and is usually closely related to the economic situation of a country. In the Republic of Northern Macedonia, labor force data are usually published by the State Statistical Office and the Employment Agency.



Target Communications commissioned by the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones - TIRZ prepared a study on the labor market in the Republic of Northern Macedonia which included 2 surveys of the working population in RSM and the managers of companies within the TIRZ. The main purpose of conducting this research on a sample of 3000 respondents who are economically active population in the country according to established methodology was to contribute to creating policies to improve and promote technological - industrial development zones to potential investors and companies, it was necessary to conduct a strategic study for the labor force in Macedonia.