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According to a 2014 World Economic Forum study, illicit trade ranged from 8% to 15% of global GDP. According to the report published by the Center for Research and Policy Making in 2017, it is estimated that in the Republic of Northern Macedonia there is tax evasion in the amount of 720 million euros annually on the basis of all public duties. Having in mind the fact that the percentage of illicit trade in excise goods in the country ranges from 15-20%, and the available data on excisable products, it is estimated that the annual loss of excise revenues due to illicit market of tobacco, alcohol, alcoholic beverages and refined fuel products amount to USD 200 million.



Based on the strategic determinations of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, in accordance with world and European practice, as well as the recommendations of the World Bank, an initiative was established to prepare a Feasibility Study for justification of establishing a Public Private Partnership for electronic system for monitoring excise goods. The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia - General Secretariat, conducted a public procurement procedure, and after the procedure Target Communications prepared a Feasibility Study, which should show whether there is a justification of the project from a financial, technical and social aspect, as well as demonstrate the feasibility and sustainability of the project. Detailed research was conducted on the establishment of concessions and public-private partnerships, procedures for their award, conditions and laws for implementation, as well as analysis of existing risks, their identification, distribution and modeling and a final proposal was written based on all data. research.