Strategy. Implementation. Success.

Our Mission

To assist clients with our industry-leading knowledge and expertise from the world's best practices in order to optimize their operations, improve or solidify their market position, and establish a solid foundation that supports sustainable, long-term growth.

Our Vision

The modern business environment dictates a high-pitched pace of business development and adaptation to current market trends. Whether you are in an advanced stage of your business, or just initiating your company, the challenges that you are facing are becoming more demanding and more delicate, making it necessary to optimize and balance everyday activities and available resources.

Target Communications offers you the best global management consulting experiences and knowledge, adapted to the regional and local situation and requirements. We offer custom-made client-oriented management consulting solutions that put our clients at the core of our focus, thus ensuring that all our clients' requirements are met and even exceeded, pursuing our clients' best interests and providing most instrumental inputs in our clients' success.

Our expertise

Our team consists of experts seasoned in a variety of knowledge fields and industries. Target Communication provides a wide range of services, such as management and financial consulting, mergers and acquisitions, HR management, debt restructuring, market analysis and entry strategy, company registration, professional development services, and others.

We are experienced in working with both domestic and foreign clients, from both the public and the private sector. Our expertise is best depicted by the success of our clients who have praised our devotion to providing a complete solution package, as well as our commitment to exhaust all resources in the solution-generation process.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an international and regional management consulting company, we have decided to promote CSR by engaging our consultants to work 5 days per year free-of-charge on issues of common interest and for the benefit of the local community. We devote significant time and resources to contribute in the development of our physical and business environment by engaging in projects of cultural and social character. 


Our Team

Svetlana Petrovska

Founder & Managing Director

Maja Nedelkovska

Director of Finance 

Elena Rei

Digital Marketing Specialist

Vasil Petrovski

Financial Analyst

Julie Dzunka Donceva

Research Specialist

Hear from our customers

Condevo certifies that the Company Target Communications has provided consulting expertise, business plans and has been engaged in processes along with the FDI Macedonia for investment. The company Target Communications has a team that provides serious expertise and knowledge on European Standards.

Target Communications has professionally and successfully accomplished its obligations to the Ministry of Economy. Within the tourism development possibilities program and strategy for rural tourism, mandated by the Ministry of Economy.

Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia confirming that engaged the expert opinion, knowledge and skills of the company Target communications for several projects. Team Target Communications showed extremely high level of skills and knowledge as well as high standards and efficiency in their operations.


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