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Тhe cost of providing health care in developed and developing countries has increased exponentially as a result of an aging population, an increase in chronic diseases and the rapid change and advancement of medical technology. With limited budgets, governments are seeking a public-private partnership (PPP) solution to maintain budgets and improve health outcomes, thus achieving critical goals in their health policies. For this purpose, Target Communications conducted a study to research public opinion and determine the opportunities for establishing public-private partnerships in the field of health in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.


The study contains the first practice - to be followed - to select the best approach to success in the context of PPP in health. First, a methodology was developed, followed by a detailed research of the potentials in our country and their current state, examples of well-established PPP projects around the world and 2 surveys were conducted on the opinion of citizens and directors of health clinics on this topic. From all these researches we extracted top data which we based an appropriate strategy with recommendations for the needs and goals of this project.